Wait til’ I Get My Money Right

As a working college student, I often find myself spending my meager paychecks on groceries, bills and occasional splurges on half-priced Papa John’s pizza.  While I’m trying navigate this new adulting task called budgeting, I have made some sacrifices (We’ll meet again, Spotify Premium and Birchbox) to help me attain some of my larger financial goals (i.e. Emergency Fund, Student Loans, etc).  Alongside those, I have some toys that I’ve been eyeing for a little while.

Wait til' I Get My Money Right


  1. Lush Bath Products:  I have yet to get on the Lush wagon.  While the bright colors and sweet aroma of the store draws me in, my bank account guides my feet elsewhere.  In the meantime, I will stick to my Dove Body Wash.
  2. Kate Spade Wallet: I’m a sucker for Kate Spade’s bright and punchy colored accessories.  I have yet to make a Kate Spade purchase because if I invest $100 in a wallet, I want to be able to have $100 in that wallet too.
  3. Keurig Coffee Maker: This summer, my mom purchased a Keurig.  It’s cute, compact and contrary to what some believe, there are so many coffee and tea options.  When I get the chance, I am tossing my Mr.Coffee Coffee Maker onto the curb.
  4. Nike Roshe Runs: Between my boyfriend and my dad, I have become a closet sneaker head. These shoes have been a long time want, so a trip to Foot Locker will be in the works soon.
  5. Thermos:  I love to cook, but I can’t stand carrying cold food that I can’t heat up. Shame on me for not investing in a Thermos before coming to college.  Hasta la vista, cold tortilla soup.  I will not miss you.
  6. Makeup Revolution Contour Palette: Ironically, I purchased this palette from Ulta for a friend.  She loves how creamy and pigmented the colors are.  I’m almost jealous.  May this be my right of passage into next-level beat face land.
  7. MacBook Pro:  I love my HP2000. It has a beautiful and clear 17 inch screen, a wide keyboard and so much more. BUT. I’m graduating from college in 2017 and soon entering the big kid world. Big kids need big kid toys.
  8. Aroma Diffuser: An important component of my space is the aroma. It dictates my mood and how I relax in my environment.  Glade Plug-Ins, Air Fresheners, Candles; you name it, I love it.  I would love a diffuser to keep my space smelling good and my head from spinning.
  9. DSLR Camera: I’ve always had an interest in photography.  Now that I have an iPhone, I haven’t dabbled in it much.  Hopefully, a brand-new spankin camera will get my creative lens spinning.
  10. Red Heels: Despite having a Shoedazzle VIP Membership (get 75% off your purchase with my code), I have yet to get a pair of red heels.  Not that I have anywhere to wear them to, but what is a closet without them?

What are some of your wants? Let me know in the comments!


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