What’s On My iPhone?

I got my first cellphone (iPhone 5) at age 17 when I left for college. I was so excited about having an iPhone that I kept it in the box for the first week. It was exhilarating to know that I could completely personalize my phone with apps, pictures and more.

Three years later, I still get really excited about downloading new apps for my iPhone 6!  As a result, I wanted to share with you all  some of my favorite apps that I use daily!

These are my lock and home screens. For my lock screen, I usually alternate between personal pictures and Doug the Pug.  My current home screen was a download included with my subscription to Birchbox!

Currently, I have two pages of apps.  Since this is a new phone, I’ve done little to stray from the default layout of the applications.  Please excuse my 24,477 emails and 10 text messages. I’ve been waiting for them to clear themselves.  Some apps that I use frequently include:

  1. Spotify: This app helps me get through the school day!  You can make playlists and stream music.  With a premium account, you can stream those playlists offline.  This is great for those who enjoy listening to new music or just having a standard playlist for a particular occasion.
  2. TV Guide: Since I live in a different city, the programming of channels varies from that of what I’m used to at home.  This app comes in handy so I don’t miss the first 5 minutes of Say Yes to the Dress due to flipping past local channels.
  3. Rider: NC State University has its own campus bus system.  This app allows you to select any nearby transit systems and view the location of ANY bus is at any time with its Estimated Arrival to YOUR location.  I don’t know how I made it through college so far without this app. 
  4. Charades!: I don’t care to have games on my phone, but my boyfriend downloaded this really fun app for me during the summer. It’s traditional Charades but with fun themes like Fairy Tales, Hits of the 80s and Sandra Bullock Movies.
  5. IMG_1244
    Expresser App

    Expresser:  This app will take your conversations to a whole new level.  Expresser contains user submitted graphics that are then trimmed to have a white background so they “float” in the iMessage interface.  You pick from a library or submit your own!

  6. Holy Bible:  This app contains different Reading Plans for you to read various passages over a period of days, weeks, months or a year.  It’s an easy way for me to continue to learn about the Word of God.
  7. Chicisimo:  By nature, I love wearing old sweatshirts and yoga pants.  So much that sometimes jeans and a t-shirt feels like dressing up. On days I don’t know what to wear, I can input the color of my favorite piece of clothing and images of outfit suggestions will appear.  Super convenient!

Alongside  these seven apps, I have a few folders that contain some other favorites!  I will give you a peek into these folders in future posts!

What do you think about these apps? What are some of your favorite apps? Let me know in the comments!


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