Surviving the First Weeks of Spring Semester

For my fellow college students, spring semester is upon us!  We had a nice, long winter break and we are prepared to take on a new semester of challenge.  Or at least that’s what we try to tell ourselves.  

Spring semester is hard!  First it starts off so chilly that you want skip class and stay in bed.   Then it switches to beautiful warm weather that makes you want to be anywhere else but the library. On top of that, semi-annual sales are happening and you need to rack up on clothes before the season switches.  And how can I forget? Orange is the New Black is coming back to Netflix.  So many distractions.

I know that some of you are looking to not only finish, but start the semester strong.  In an effort to help you get refocused, I’ll be showing you some of the ways I prep and gear myself up for a successful semester!

Get Your Tools of the Trade.

I have a tendency to hoard things and buy things that I don’t need; but, if there was anything that I keep simple, it is my school supplies.  On a normal day, I carry my notebook, pencil pouch, a mini stapler, note cards and a planner.  These five items are all I really need to check dates, staple a paper, jot notes, make flashcards and more.


Pack That Bag!

I get my bag packing skills from my mom, the bag lady. She packs her purse for any and every situation.  Hungry?  Here’s some peanut butter crackers.  Stomach ache?  Take these Tums.   Got ran over by a car?  Get these bandages and some ointment.   Since I live a considerable distance from my main campus, I try to keep some essentials with me like gum, medicine, and Mac and Cheese cups.

Organize your planner…NOW.

Aside from mint green nail polish, hair products and green bean casserole, I really can’t live without my planner.  I tend to be Type A and try to plan everything because otherwise, I will lose my mind. I know a lot of people wait until the semester starts to add syllabus dates to their planner; but let’s be real – we all have that one professor who has something due on the first day of class.

My planner contains a monthly and weekly layout.  I use the monthly layout for overarching dates such as meetings, tests, and birthdays.  I’ll also add these to my Google Calendar.  On the other hand, I use the weekly layout for tasks to build up to those overarching dates.  Of course, I try to leave time for life to happen.  For example, if the syllabus says I need to read a chapter for the week of February 8th, I schedule to start reading on January 30th.  Do I ever really end up starting on the 30th? Probably not. 

Do your homework.

I know this may sound pretty intuitive, but you’d be surprised how many students neglect this.  Just because your professor doesn’t go over any material or assignments during the first week, doesn’t mean you can’t.  Make your best effort to start on your work early so when you do slip up, you won’t completely hinder yourself.


I hope these tips are helpful for you this semester!  Let’s get this 4.0 guys!

What are some ways you get ready for school?  Let me know in the comments! 


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