#RelationshipGoals: 8 Things My Parents Taught Me About Marriage


These days on social media, we are always seeing memes of people who are #relationshipgoals.  Unfortunately matching outfits and trying to be Beyonce and Jay-Z, will not guarantee you longevity in a relationship.

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 23rd Wedding Anniversary.  Even though their hopelessly romantic tendencies for each other can have me heading for the door at times, I have to say their relationship is quite admirable.  I want to share with you 8 things my parents’ marriage has taught me.


  1. It is totally okay to steal food off your spouse’s plate.  After all, you may be saving them from something too salty, greasy or just flat out gross.
  2. As long as you’re around your spouse, there is always something funny.
  3. High School Sweethearts are still alive and thriving.
  4. Your spouse may not be the biggest fan of all of your choices, but they are definitely your biggest fan.
  5. You are always worthy of getting presents on your anniversary, even though Valentine’s Day was less than a week before.
  6. True love is not measured by the number of years that you’ve been together, but the number of laughs you both share…or have at each other.
  7.  It’s easy to make fun of each other’s exes not only because you got who you wanted, but you know that you are honestly the best thing that has ever happened to them.
  8. The best part of having kids with your spouse is having two fabulous off-springs like the writer of this blog and her sibling.


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


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